Formed by a group of friends in 2006 Blighty Renegades was created to play Day of Defeat in the way that it should be – clean friendly fun.  Those friends were MossY_DoG, Mr Bug, Vampiric_hamst3r, Singular_Purpous, SideSwipe and Ernie.

Over the years we have made many new friends and play many more games, and we have unfortunately lost some dear friends along the way too.

sidey RIP

We hope that you enjoy your game play on our servers, all we ask is that you respect other players and use a little common sense.  And if you like what you see, register on our website and join in on our forums. Message in our shout box below and check the servers we are currently running too.

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What you find on this website and the servers that we operate, it is all paid for by voluntary donations from our members.  If you get enjoyment from the spirit and fraternity that is Blighty Renegades, your small donation will ensure its continued success for the future.